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Golden Sparrow



Individual Trading
PGSPL offers one of the best online commodity trading solutions to individual clients through its Individual Trading desk. The Individual Trading desk enables a client to trade in any commodity futures, listed on the national commodity exchanges, with a slew of value-added services attached to it at no extra cost.

As an individual client of PGSPL , you benefit from the following:
• In-depth research on commodities of your interest
• Exclusive research chat for market updates and research calls
• SMS services for intra-day technical calls
• Daily, Weekly and Special Research Reports on commodity complex
• Centralized dealing and operations desk
• Efficient risk management systems

To know more about our Individual Trading, leave your details with us, and our Relationship Manager will get in touch with you.

Corporate Desk
The PGSPL Desk offers trading and hedging solutions to corporate clients. It acts only on the clients' instructions / orders. And, based on their independent decision, PGSPL helps them in their hedging process, including implementation and continuous monitoring of their positions.

Our guidance helps clients withstand the vagaries of commodity price fluctuations in their businesses, which may generate higher risk-adjusted return on their capital.

The exclusive benefits available to our corporate customers, who are Proprietary Firms, Partnership Firms, Public and Private Limited Companies and HUFs, on subscription are:

• Dedicated Relationship Manager
• Top class service on execution and post-trade assistance
• In-depth research on commodities of individual interest
• Direct access to the research team and products
• Centralized dealing and operational desk
• Round-the-clock risk management system

To know more about our Corporate Desk, leave your details with us, and our Relationship Manager will get in touch with you.

Arbitrage Desk
PGSPL offers a range of limited risk products through its Arbitrage Desk. These products may offer a steady source of returns irrespective of market movements.

The products are based on commodity price discrepancies and mean price deviation of a particular commodity in different traded markets. These include spot-futures trading; inter exchange and intra exchange spreads. Arbitrage trade has the potential to generate returns equal to or greater than the returns provided by the traditional money / debt markets. However, it should be clearly understood that the returns are not guaranteed or assured and may vary from time to time based on market opportunities.

The Arbitrage Desk keeps track of price movement of commodities across markets and spots arbitrage opportunities on real time basis. The desk then, based on the clients' instructions / orders helps them from the stage of procuring the commodity, storage and selling, till making delivery of the same. With its wide spread network, Kotak Commodity's Arbitrage Desk has a reach in all major mandis across the country.

For investing in Arbitrage products, clients must have:
• Trading account with PGSPL Commodity
• Demat accounts
• Execute necessary documentation with Kotak Commodity, including form(s) to understand the client's risk appetite and investment objective
• Valid Sales-tax Registration. In case the client does not have a Sales-tax Number, he / she can avail the Physical Desk Services offered by PGSPL Commodity

To know more about our Arbitrage Desk, leave your details with us, and our Relationship Manager will get in touch with you.

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